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Since its founding in 2002, Greer & McGill PC, Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in Oklahoma, has practiced law by this code. Although Greer & McGill PC is a regional law firm with offices in Oklahoma and Texas (see, Other Practice Areas), this website is dedicated to assisting those Oklahoma residents with the critical decision to speak for a loved one in a nursing home or similar care facility. More often than not, our mom, dad or grandparent, who provided for us most of our lives, is placed in a position that they can no longer speak for themselves. The burden and responsibility to act to protect our loved ones, and those similarly situated in the same facility, falls on us as adult children, relatives and friends. These nursing home abuse and neglect cases are uniquely person to the family as they often involve senseless injury, pain, humiliation and death to the one that has meant so much for so long. It is our experience in, and understanding of, these cases that make Greer & McGill PC the single choice to help you through this ordeal.


Mr. McGill has been practicing nursing home litigation for over 20 years. He is here to help you through this trying process, from the beginning to the end.
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