What Our Client Say Testimonials

"I lost my mother to horrific neglect and miscommunication between a myriad of doctors and medical care facilities. Mr. McGill stayed vigilant and never gave up on holding the responsible parties liable. He got justice for my Mom and maybe a little more protection for others. I feel blessed."

– Jean S. Madill, OK

"Mr. McGill handled a nursing home case for me. He was attentive and really worked to understand my situation, the pain my loved one went through and how best to get a fair resolution. In fact, he obtained a favorable settlement resolution higher than I originally anticipated. I am grateful for his knowledge, caring and work ethic."

– Pat S., Prague, OK

"Mr. McGill was sincere in his approach to a very difficult and emotional case. Anytime someone is dealing with the death of their Mother due to caretaker neglect/mistake, it becomes more than just a litigated case, it is very personal. I appreciate his help in understanding the process and advising me on the most efficient and beneficial way to get my case successfully resolved."

– Cynthia N., Mesquite, TX

"It is always difficult to lose a parent. This is especially true when medical neglect is involved by those entrusted with their care. Mr. McGill was extremely knowledgeable about the process of taking on large Medical Providers and helped immensely in walking me through that process. He was always very responsive and understanding to my ordeal even though I did not live in the area where the Oklahoma litigation was proceeding."

– Felicia F., Denver, CO

"I could not believe what had happened to my mother who had been in the nursing home for such a short period of time. She suffered unexplained falls and severe injuries. Mr. McGill was there to walk me through the process of doing what is right. I cannot replace my mother, but I appreciate the work put in to speak up for her when she had voice."

– Terry B., OKC, OK

"I am not one to sue. However, the injustice done to my father was more than I could stand. I was unfamiliar with the process and the steps necessary to assert a claim for the wrong that had been to my dad in a nursing home. Mr. McGill was very responsive and there every step, even though justice seems to take a long time. I appreciate his understanding of my concerns and his diligence. Moreover, we achieved a result that surpassed my expectations."

– Harold C., Ada, OK